Gunge Tank Challenge

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The Gunge Tank Challenge!

Who is getting gunged? You decide... donate to see your favourite person get covered in green slime!

We’re thrilled to announce that for the first time in CCCU history, 18 staff, students, and alumni have bravely put themselves forward to be gunged on campus in front of a live audience, all with the aim of raising money for students in hardship, in our epic GungeTank Challenge!

So who would you like to see covered in snotty slime? Perhaps one of the senior leadership group, your favourite lecturer, an alumnus, or someone from the Student’s Union? Only the top ten who raise the most for students will face the dreaded Gunge Tank on the day.

Our brave volunteers are:

Abbie Kempe Director of Enterprise and Engagement

Alice Ford International Student Ambassador President of K-Pop Society

Barry Blackburn Senior Lecturer in Criminal Justice Studies

David Bates Professor of Contemporary Political Thought

Ian Blackmore Alumnus, Ex Sabbatical Officer, and head of C4 Old Boys and Girls network

Jack Rowley Deputy Director of Communications

Lynnette Turner Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Education

Marion Stuart-Hoyle Director of UK Partnerships and Apprenticeships Delivery Unit

Mark Potter Student Wellbeing Administrator

Maryse Tennant Senior Lecturer in Criminology

Max Elvin Sabbatical Officer, Students Union

Mike Weed Senior Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research, Enterprise and Business Development)

Nyree Scott Senior Lecturer School of Teacher Education

Shauna McCusker Principal Lecturer in Forensic Investigation

Simon Gwynne Director of Estates and Facilities

Sophie Chadwick Director of Graduate Futures

So now is the time to dig deep and make sure your favourite person doesn’t get pipped to the post!

When making your donation, select your chosen person from the dropdown list to make sure it adds to their total, then keep an eye on the Gunge Tank Leaderboard to watch their progress.

The ten (unfortunate!) winners will be announced in a live Gunge Tank Challenge ceremony at 3pm on Thursday 9 May by the pond area on main campus. This is one event not to be missed - come along, cheer, applaud and make as much noise as you can as they’re ceremoniously walked into the gunge tank, the lever pulled, and drenched from head to toe in revolting green slime!

All donations to the Gunge Tank Challenge will support our Futures Fund, helping students struggling with financial hardship during the cost-of-living crisis.


David Stroud Senior Chaplain (pictured above)

David Leah Chief Finance and Operating Officer (pictured below being gunged early as unable to attend the official ceremony!)

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